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Age is just a number; prove the youngest entrepreneurs at ages of 10 and 12

Young Enterpreneur

Shravan Kumaran and Sanjay Kumaran are a living proof that if you can dream it, you can do it. They did not wait for any opportunities but created them in their bedroom in Chennai using their knowledge about programming and fed their curiosity by finding out about Java and QBasic on the internet and in books.
Today, a spare room in their Chennai home is a digital lounge filled with Apple Macs, iPads and Samsung Galaxy Notes. The ”after homework hours” are spent on coding and debugging test apps with inner self confidence.
Shravan Kumaran aged 15 and studying in the 11th grade along with his brother Sanjay Kumaran, a 14 year old boy studying in the 9th grade, in HUS Chennai, India, have been identified as the youngest Mobile Application Programmers in India and one of the youngest in the World.

Go Dimension APP

“Money is not the main thing here, first I want to learn,” says Shravan Kumaran, the co-founder and the President of Godimensions, an app development unit that has currently developed 7 applications that are available in Apple’s App Store, and if you can believe it, they also have created 3 apps for Google’s Android Play store. They did not intend to stop here because they recently developed their first app in the Windows Mobile store as well.

At a Bangalore SAP event the two young boys clad in suits and smiling for the camera feel proud when they grin and tell the audience that their applications have witnessed 35,000 downloads from a total of about 31 countries. Their eagerness to learn and create has awed people and it seems that they love to surprise and shock others by challenging the general analogy that people have about kids of their age. They are the developer of many fun games like Catch me Cop and Extreme Impossible 5. The two young entrepreneurs owe their success to Apple founder Steve Jobs for inspiring them and their father, Mr. Kumaran Surendaran for giving them food for their minds in the form of new gadgets and programming languages.

Unfortunately, since the two are less than 18 years, Godimensions cannot be registered in their names as per Indian law. So the registration is in the names of seven of their family members who are above 18.

Looking ahead at the future of these two super innovative minds, we can only expect to get more and more surprised, not only by their apps and creations, but also by their cuteness and aura of confidence.



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