Home News Xiaomi v/s Huawei: Both are striving for being no. 1 in China

Xiaomi v/s Huawei: Both are striving for being no. 1 in China

Xiaomi vs Huawei
Xiaomi vs Huawei

Xiaomi, the most popular Chinese smartphone has been uncrowned in its home market by leading Huawei, according to recent market research firm Canalys. Huawei strives to maintain a constant sales growth rate. Whereas, Xiaomi was failed to nail its target of selling 80 million phones in 2015. Huawei is planning to launch full country-level phone estimates to customers by the end of the month. On the contrary, Xiaomi is under high pressure to keep growing as a global player as it is going down in its home market.

Though Xiaomi started selling phones in 2011 and become one of the world’s largest smartphone brands, gained a $45 billion valuation in 2015. A blend of affordable prices, high-quality, and an online distribution method has made its phones stand out in a competitive market.

Xiaomi has created its high success by selling top-spec hardware at a very low price. The growth rates of Xiaomi have been rapid. The company has tried to develop into new cities and recently launched in Brazil. While Xiaomi leads to focus on a low price segment, Huawei has been rapidly growing with all price ranges. It provides a lower-priced range of smartphones under the Honor brand.

Huawei was the 3rd biggest smartphone manufacturer in the second quarter of 2015, according to the report of IDC. Several Chinese smartphone companies are also looking to go beyond their home market. ZTE, leading mobile manufacturer company has recently come up with the Axon Pro to give high competition to Xiomi and Huawei. Besides, Huawei is planning to ship the new Nexus 6P.

In Q4 2015, Xiaomi has shipped 17.5 million mobile phones and taken over 14.8% market share in China. On the contrary, Huawei held 15.2% of the market and shipped 17.9 million mobile phones. In addition, Will Xiaomi accept the challenge and regain the lead position in China? Or Huawei will overtake the complete market by beaten Xiaomi?


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