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Craft Arty Write-ups in Content Marketing – know what it really means to write

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Writing – Don’t give up before trying your hardest

Killing time and wondering why you cannot write perfectly is something too many of us do while in college. But is that the solution? I don’t think so… The solution is to look into the problem, learn more about how you can solve it, and try once again, keep trying till you can say you’ve tried everything before you give up. You must have seen some big, successful writers in their interviews saying “Umm I write just what I feel like, it’s no rocket science…” or “Oh it was such a surprise for me, I never thought I’d write a Book!” Yes it’s true, it’s not a rocket science, it’s writing, and you need to read in order to write.

You have got to do something about it!

Get all your odds and ends in place and think what is it that you’re missing out on is. If possible, even write THIS very wonder down, “Why I cannot write”. I’m sure something good will come out from this too. Sure thinking too much is bad, but it’s good if you think too much and something productive comes out of it. Sometimes a wondering mind gives the best ideas ever. And hanging on to what you want is the biggest strength that a writer should possess.

Do something? But what’s that?

Here is what you should do in order to get on board with good writing and write your own draft the best way ever:

Read a lot of other people’s work, those who you think write really well. Read carefully and properly to understand how good a writer write and what you miss out on. Reading never harms. Moreover, for someone who wants to write good, reading is the best way
to learn.

Keep writing whatever comes to your mind so that you don’t fall out of practice and get a grip on writing. Once you stop writing, you get out of touch and then when drafting assignment suddenly comes up you’re stumped.

Do not think of drafting a write up as a work. Instead, think of it as an opportunity to express your opinion on something with full freedom. How often do you get such chances to speak up freely without facing any direct criticism in the class?

Try to incorporate as much original content as you can. Because even if your content isn’t copy pasted, gathering information from many websites and then trying to compile it into one single writeup is more hectic than you think writing original essays is. Read only to get an idea of what you have to write about and to get your facts and figures clear, not to just change the language and make another draft out of it.

Keep yourself equipped with good vocabulary. Try to learn more and more new words as and when you get chance. Sometimes an draft has some important words that need to be used more. If you have a good vocabulary collection, you may always replace that word with its synonyms and save your essay from having repetitions and boring the reader.

And is that all?

Yes that’s pretty much it, if you leave aside a certain odds and ends unattended (which you never should). So here are those little things that can make or break your write-up. Be it a college admission content, a regular class content assignment, a personal content or a descriptive one, you must never miss to:

  • Use a great title: No one will read your content if the title is not attractive and interesting. No matter what’s inside, an write-up with a poor title is always perceived to be boring from inside too;
  • Proofread your work: So you’ve written a great content and followed all a good writer does, but what about the spelling mistakes, the typos and the grammar? Are you perfect at everything and never make mistakes? Odd. Always double check your draft for these little errors before submitting.
  • Keep it Concise: A pretty little too the point essay attracts all kind of readers, even those who don’t like reading too much will give it a try if it doesn’t look like a long prose, long enough to take them to sleep. If you keep all this in mind I’m pretty sure you’ll get the best out of your drafts. And remember, practice makes man and woman perfect. Keep reading, keep practicing, and keep writing.

Good luck with your next content!