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WhatsApp Plan to Come with a full-fledged Desktop Application

Whats App Team

Having more than one billion users, WhatsApp is a popular chat application that is preferred by the most users. As we all know that, Facebook had already bought this app last year. This deal was seen as one of the greatest global deals in 2015. Facebook is working on improving the features of WhatsApp. The security of WhatsApp chat has more enhanced with the newly-updated encryption feature. According to the latest report, users would be able to use the advanced WhatsApp features i.e. text messaging, file sharing etc. while using their PC or laptop. Although WhatsApp can be used on PC or Laptop with the help of emulators but this is going to be launched with the exciting feature.

The News is Viral on the Web

This news is circulating widely on the Web that WhatsApp may be working on the launch of a fully-fledged desktop application for Windows OS and Mac. A Twitter account (which is not affiliated with WhatsApp) has recently shared some pictures that reveal the desktop application of Whatsapp.

The Recent Method has Several Limitations

With web.whatsapp.com, it is possible to use WhatsApp on your PC’s browser, but it is a very inconvenient method that offers limited options. To use the web.whatsapp.com, your phone must be connected to the Internet. Besides, this method demands the browser to always remain open.

The New Versions Might have Amazing Features

The people are predicting that the full-fledged desktop app would be more useful as users could easily open the app and exchange messages and other files audio, photos, and videos with ease. What’s even more, you would be able to make voice calls without keeping your phone connected to the internet all the time.


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