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Vidhu Goyal: A True Example of an Inspiring Entrepreneur


Just imagine! The worst thing has happened to you and you are not getting any solution for that. What will you do in that situation and how will you avoid giving up your life? How will you make a decision and take the first step to overcome that problem?

The well-known entrepreneur, an animal welfare worker, and product & textile designer – Vidhu Goyal did not aware of that she had clinical depression and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. That time, she had not taken any professional help; she had not even let her family know of that bad situation. Besides, Vidhu had given up on ever being capable of having a happy yet successful work life. She had been suffering from the depression for a year and attempting to end her life more than once.

She didn’t give up

Vidhu Goyal finally felt that her problem was a reality that must be addressed, so she looked online for the counseling center and chose to seek help. After some relaxing sessions with the counselor, she has diagnosed with clinical depression and OCD. Moreover, she took medication and regular therapy sessions that really helped her. In 2013, she overcame all the problems and got her life back on track. And, she started two startups.

She really inspires us

Vidhu’s first startup, HomeRaaga.com is a real estate service that provides housing assistance for expatriate, property management, and re-sales. Her website went live in October 2014 and got high success.

While, her second startup – Joey’s was launched in January 2016 and got a good response with the time. It was Vidhu’s tribute to her kitten Joey who passed away. The site provides products for the pets which are produced to be useful to the animals.

Vidhu is a true example of a person who overcomes from the harsh dilemma and proves herself. However, if you find yourselves in a place where you are thinking to give up, change your mind and give yourself some time. With the right dedication and patience, you will be able to come up with the high success.


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