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Vastada Consulting : A new way of consulting & thinking differently to shape the future of business

neha yaduvanshi

It’s an interesting story how Vastada Consulting was born. It all started with a coffee. Neha Yadvanshi, Founder, Vastada Consulting was having a coffee with her school friend and discussing the way how organizations work and build strategies. And Neha told her friend that she wants to start a consulting firm one day. Her friend advised her to start working on her dream right now as the time to start something is always now. And surprisingly she started building her dream from the very next day. Her dream consulting firm Vastada Consulting is now an independent & young research and consulting firm providing professional strategy, campaign, intelligence, digital and communication services to its clients based on continuous research and analysis of facts.

Neha Yaduvanshi, Founder, Vastada Consulting says “After working with the top management in the corporate world for 7 years I realized that companies are making strategies focused on short-term profit and immediate success. Companies fail to recognize their true potential and capability to play a bigger role in the society. I believe an organization is a very important part of our world and has a bigger role to play in the life of human beings by delivering healthy products and quality services, as well as building a happy and protected environment for internal and external stakeholders. And with this belief and determination to transform the way companies make their strategies, I started Vastada Consulting”.

It was not an easy way for Neha Yaduvanshi to start a business consulting firm and make a reputation in the consulting industry. She started building her firm while working with her previous organization Automation Industry Association (AIA). She still gives credit to her previous bosses ‘Anup Wadhwa, Director, AIA; Mr Dilip Sawhney, MD, Rockwell India (President, AIA) and Mr K Nandakumar, MD, Chemstrol (Former President, AIA) to give her permission and support to continue her work with AIA along with working on her dream.

Vastada Consulting is determined to help the top management of an organization to understand the current situation of their company, give clarity on their strategic visibility and assist them in defining their strategic direction and goals. Vastada Consulting helps clients to create a mindset in the organization where people understand that change is a constant and see it as an opportunity to do things differently and better, rather than a threat to the way things have always been done.

Their services are focused on following two points:

  1. Creating and shaping a long-term growth strategy focused on the right choice of products, services & communications adaptable to future economic and market conditions.
  2. Creating customized intelligent strategic and marketing solutions for organizations to build trust and connections with employees, customers, partners and the society.

Vastada Consulting develop a sound knowledge of the client’s market using different online and offline channels including social media to enrich the decision-making process, and then they work on how client’s product or service will be different, stand out and improve people’s lives compared to other existing ones in the market. Vastada Consulting also ensures that the brand is not at risk and would adapt it to local cultures and stay true to the core of its quality, value for money, innovation, and competitive advantage.

In a short span of two years, Vastada Consulting is a reputed name in the business consulting industry and last year it also entered into Political Consulting.

Website: Vastada Consulting


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