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Trade and Beyond – Learn International Business Quick & Easy!

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Students from top educational institutes like IIM Ahmedabad use TnB’s products to learn International Business.

Over 40% of India’s GDP is constituted by its exports and imports. Nearly 60% of the country’s merchandize exports come from MSMEs.

The major challenges that the aspiring businesses who want to go global face, includes a ‘formal training’ on ‘how to do business internationally?’

Foreign Trade or International business is, unlike any local business, pretty regulated and intricate in nature. And most of the small-medium sized Indian companies suffer from a dearth of professionals trained in his domain.

If you want to sell or buy from overseas then you must abide by a lot of local and international business procedures. E.g If a shopkeeper based in Varanasi wants to sell a bunch of readymade garments (say banarasi saree) to a customer in California then he must know how to seek customs clearance for his goods both in India and the US, how to find the right logistics to carry his goods to the destination, how to get insurance, how to receive payment from the buyer and also how to seek working capital for fulfilling his international order in case he needs finance.

Often the goods that our country produces be it textiles or handicrafts or consumer durables (or any other good India is good at producing) have a decently high demand in the international market but due to the lack of awareness of “how to operate in the international markets” we often lose out on these opportunities to rivals like China, Philippines, Srilanka and even Bangladesh.

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With the thought of providing a customized-online-International-business-training at an affordable cost to the aspiring businesses and professionals in India, Trade and Beyond (TnB) was founded by Mohammad Haider (VIT, IIFT), Umair Ansari (IIFT) and Soni Kumari (IIM Kozhikode) in 2014.

The founding team spent over 3 years in building learning products that will teach people how to export, import, do marketing and acquire new customers from overseas. In July 2015 TnB went live into the market.

“It was bit of a challenge in the beginning since we didn’t have any past track record of success and it was still a niche and evolving industry. But then the IIFT and IIM tag helped and people trusted us” says Rohan Kakitha, graduate from VIT Vellore who joined TnB in 2015 as operations manager.

In the past one and a half years TnB has trained over 30 exporters and importers across cities like Bangalore, Delhi, Hyderabad, and Pune. E-learning products of TnB are used by students across 13 of the 19 IIMs and other prestigious B-Schools like XLRI, IMT & MDI Gurgaon.

“We are in the times of globalization, Indian businesses are aspiring to foray into the international markets and we are helping them” says Anshul Vohra an NSIT Delhi graduate who joined TnB early 2016 as Marketing Manager.

For any agri-business with a rural background TnB offers the training free of cost and treats it to be a part of its Corporate Social Responsibility.

Website: Trade and Beyond



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