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The three ways of purchasing or constructing a property or home

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First Method:

Construction of home after purchasing a plot for development. This method is highly impossible for the common man because the cost of the plot is itself equal to or higher than the cost of the flat and this is beyond the common man’s budget. It is not possible for every purchaser to give his time to managing the construction work.

Second Method:

Formation of society along with friends, relatives etc. Members can choose the location of the plot as they desire and decide the area and the amenities within the flat. But there are some drawbacks in this method as well. Lack of trust on the chief promoter and among the members, lack of technical knowledge in the construction field, improper management of funds by a chief promoter, etc. That is why it is difficult to build by this method. Because of the above problems, 90 % of societies formed are unable to complete the project successfully or it is stopped mid-way.

Third Method:

Directly purchasing the flat from a builder. In this method also, there are many difficulties such as lack of trust on builders, doubt in title clearance of the plot, stoppage of construction work in between due to insufficient fund flow, no choice of location, etc. The area and the planning of flat are not as per our choice and the flat has to be purchased at the market rate or more than that. As such, it is difficult to get home even by this method. Thus, the common man finds it hard to buy a home for him due to the difficulties in the above three methods, family and personal problems and improper guidance, until his retirement.

So what is the easier scheme to Get Affordable Home?
How GULSHAN GROUP invented the new and easy way to own a property?

what are the advantages of it?

• Self-construction of home
• To build a house after formation of society
• Purchase of flat from builders.
Due to difficulties and Negative Points of the above methods (due to which the dream of a home remains incomplete) such as lack of technical and construction knowledge in the chief promoter which stops construction, insufficiency of fund, delay in construction due to incomplete booking, etc, common man cannot afford a home within his/her budget. To overcome all these disadvantages, Mr. Ramesh Pahlwani, Managing Director of GULSHAN GROUP has invented a new concept by including only the positive points from above three methods where the choice of location, interior work, amenities, planning, area, elevation of building etc. are as per your budget and requirement. All these are decided only after consultation with the members. The price of the flat can be reduced as all purchasers contribute the value of flat.
In this scheme, enrolment of members starts by an advertisement. The company collects membership applications from the customers with necessary documents and hence the limit for the Loan is estimated from that. A company provides the customers an approximate cost of the plot and the flat.
After personal discussion/interview with a customer the company finalizes the proposed members and then forms a By Gulshan Group of selected members. During the interview, customer’s different problems are discussed and the solution is found. After Formation of society, a company purchases the plot and starts the construction activity after passing the drawings and plans etc. The Construction is completed at the proper time due to sufficient funds as the Construction starts only after completion of booking. GULSHAN GROUP launched the project under this concept and achieved great success. You can also invest in property in Udaipur with them.


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