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Travel the world 1 month at a time with this startup

Travel the world 1 month at a time with this startup

Do you fantasize about leaving your job and traveling around the world? What about taking it a step further and developing a location independent career, to ensure you can live and work where ever you want to? That’s precisely what Digital Nomdads do. These are entrepreneurs, freelancers & consultants who work & live anywhere (and everywhere) in the world. A growing number of people are packing their laptops and hitting the road now.

With a mission to get more & more people out of their cubicles and into the real world, I started The Remote Life program because work should not come in the way of life. Travel is freedom and Remote Life is a step in making sure that nothing comes between you and your independence to see the world. Why be bound to a location when you can move around?

Over the last few years, I have built 2 companies and traveled 7 countries at the same time. Now trying to help people change their lifestyle. A few months back I was at the Mt. Everest Base Camp and a lot of the inspiration for Remote Life came from there. I’m a serial entrepreneur, frequent traveler & trekking freak.

I don’t think I ever planned to become a nomad, it just happened on the way. I’d be travelling for weeks but then had to make a living too so I’d end up working out of a cafe or hotel lobby. It was then that I realized that there’s a name for people like me. This went on for sometime and I found myself in the streets of Kathmandu eating momos or skydiving in MAURITIUS and life went on as usual. It is really not very difficult to see the world, you just need to move out of your comfort zone once.

The Remote Life is a program that brings together professionals, freelancers and entrepreneurs to work, live and travel. It is my own selfish desire to travel the world without breaking the bank and be in the company of amazing people.

The program is designed to give maximum focus on your experience and working lifestyle and is not a traditional vacation or holiday. The food, stay & experiences are local to the culture. We are aiming for a diverse, balanced group with people from different backgrounds, experiences and regions. Everyone is verified through public social profiles and we personally call up before finalizing.

Launched December 5th,2016, we have received 670+ registrations till date.

Website: The Remote Life


  1. Senca had rightly said,” Travel and change of place impart new vigor to the mind.” When the digital nomads think about working while hitting the road, there are many obstacles that they might have to face regarding the resources they need to continue their work without disruptions. That’s where Remote Life actually provides the perfect solution where they do not have to worry about their work space as they are travelling. After all, wasn’t the whole point to worry less and relax more?

  2. Unlike fine wine and cheese,work and travel almost never go together.The Remote Life has done a stupendous job to do the impossible.Beautifully balancing both the elements of travel and work,the creators have not only designed workshops for the entrepreneurs to hone their skills but have also managed to acquaint them with the local charm of the city!Being caught in the mad frenzy of the world today,it is surely giving people a chance to hold on to their sanity by providing them a stirring travel experience.

  3. A lot of people get afraid when it comes to leaving their job. But it’s just one step when you become ambitious enough and want to pursue your life as you want. I think The Remote life is a unique start up which i out of the box work plan. There’s a lot that can be gained by joining them. Not only you travel with them, but explore new things, learn new skills and the most important you do work to support yourself. This is a win-win condition and many people are actually willing to do this as they are tired of their 9 to 5 office job and want to explore the world to its limits.

  4. this is exactly what people need today! the growing greed for money and success has indeed confined men and women them to their comfort zoned which is humdrum and monotonous…this initiative of yours will help them rejuvenate and also explore their hidden passions!

  5. I highly appreciate your keen interest-as evident from each point of this post-to create this Remote Life program and it show how passionate you are of developing a location independent career,to ensure people to live and work where ever they want to.The mission behind the Remote Life program of bringing more and more people out of their cubicles into the real world and not letting work to come in way of life is commendable.I highly admire your opinion of creating such startups for entrepreneurs,freelanchers and consultants to work,live and travel by focusing much on their experience and working lifestyle to develop a diversed,balanced group with people from different backgrounds,experiences and regions.

  6. The Remote life is here to bust the myth about, giving up your job and set out to travel the world. Impossible as it may sound, individuals like Nishchal Dua are working no less than genies to make the wildest wishes come true. The travel and work plan works best for freelancers and entrepreneurs, tough anyone who manages to convince their employers for allowing them to work from remote areas is more than welcome. The schedule and services provide a more than balanced plan to provide you with the best traveling experiences as well as work spaces.

  7. Are you among the people who wake up each morning, pick your black laptop case, carrying your freedom packed in it and rushing into your little cubicle division that further confines you to breathe freely??
    I believe that The Remote Life is not just a solution but a method to create your own box with flexible walls and work in inside it. A creative person cannot shunt himself away, from nature and his fellow human beings and solely give himself a digital life! It is so great to see such innovative programs setting in and providing a blend between work and travel.
    It also allows the corporate fellows to sow the seeds of their thinking into a fertile ground of nature. And then rearing ‘ideas worth acting on’ !!


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