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Start-Up INDIA:How is IT Going to Benefit the common Masses ?

narendra modi STANDUP INDIA

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, today announced the launch of “Start-up India” initiative to encourage new and upcoming startups in the country. The Indian economy is considered to be amongst one of the fastest growing economies in the world, and this movement might just be the stepping stone for a number of enthusiasts across the country.
India is a country with a population of around 1.5 Billion, and a large portion of this population comes under the middle-class category. The Indian middle class lives a very conservative lifestyle; they are not the types who are willing to take big risks by betting their hard earned money on start-ups. Though, there have been entrepreneurs coming out of small backgrounds and changing the business scenario in the country once and for all. But, the conditions are not similar to everyone. So, how can the Start-up India movement be a big boost for the aspiring entrepreneurs of the future India?narendra modi START-UP INDIA

The major upliftment of the Indian Middle class came in the early 90’s with the introduction of IT sector in the country. The IT sector not only created many jobs but also raised the average income standards of the people. The major part of the country’s economic infrastructure is contributed by the middle class working for the population. Now that the majority of the middle-class population is educated and ambitious, they are willing to explore the possibilities out there in the big world. With the announcement of the Start-up India movement by P.M. Narendra Modi, a new ray of opportunities is visible to the youth, who are willing to roll the dice on the big roulette table.
There is an ocean of ideas in the minds of the young business aspirants, all they need is a platform to make it a reality. This movement might well be the stepping stone for many of them. If this initiative becomes a successful one, we can see a tremendous growth rate in employability for a large mass. Every start-up will be unique, encouraging a lot of fresh minds to unfold their skills and create something they have been waiting for all this time. It will not only enrich their skills but will also give birth to new and advanced talents across the country.
Foreign investments will rush in, to spend their fortunes on the best ideas and industries. It will eventually make India a hub for future business planning. India is already a hot favorite destination for foreign investors, soon after the Prime Minister announced the “Make in India” campaign. With Make in India and Start-up India movements, we can see, a lot of big brands have begun to consider India as a partner on which they can bank upon for remarkable returns and profits.
The industries that are currently working in the country will be highly benefited from these movements and can make a lot of news shortly. Not only they can make it into the global scenario, but can also become a huge confidence booster to the upcoming start-up’s to have a positive approach towards a better future.
We hope this movement can help make a lot of ideas sprout in the young Indian minds and make India reach new heights.



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