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Meet Srikanth Bolla – MIIT Grad. CEO of A Rs. 50 Crore Company

Srikanth Bolla - Rising Entrepreneur
Srikanth Bolla - Rising Entrepreneur

Story Of A Never Giving Man!

He is Srikanth Bolla, a 24-year-old blind entrepreneur from Hyderabad. When he was born, his parents, who were earning Rs 20,000 in a year, were advised to get rid of him, but somehow he survived.

Despite getting 90% in class 10th, At the Intermediate level, when he wanted to opt for Science, the Andhra Pradesh Education Board refused to grant permission. It said that Arts was what the only stream the blind could take up. Srikanth filed a case and, after a six-month wait, the Board agreed to let him pursue Science. Srikanth topped his Class 12, securing a 98%.

When IITs and NITs didn’t give him hall ticket for writing competitive exams, he applied overseas and got selected in 4 of the best colleges ever created on Earth: MIT, Stanford, Berkeley, and Carnegie Mellon.

A recent event GES 2016 HOSTED AT STANDFORD to motivate student for entrepreneurship.

But He Hasn’t Give Up Yet

He went to Massachusetts Institute of Technology, received a scholarship, and was MIT’s first International blind student.

After returning from the US in 2012, he started Bollant Industries, where 60% of employees were physically challenged. With 450 employees, the company is now worth Rs 50 crore, and even Ratan Tata invested in him.

Inspiring Person – Srikanth Bolla

As per him, “I was made blind by the thought of individuals.” When the people said to him that you can’t do anything, Bolla said, “But I look up at the world and say I can do Anything.”

Lastly, I Would Say

If you don’t give up on your dreams today or tomorrow you will be successful, all you have to do is just focus on your goals. People(s) have only one thing to do, “Talk” even when you get successful, So let just them do their work, and you do your work.

Mr. Srikanth Bolla is one of the Inspiring people you have faced hell amount of problems, but he don’t give up, and now we can see the result. HATS OFF!


  1. Whatever Srikanth Bolla has achieved has given all of us enough courage on which fear to tread and kudos to Jagdish Kashyap for bringing this story in front of so many people who can get inspired or get broken down in their lives. I truly salute Srikanth Bolla.


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