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“His Denial to see any parents fighting against education system flourished many lives.”

Sharad Sagar

Being born and brought up in a state like Patna, Sharad Sagar has scrambled for an excellent education insights. There were discrepancies of financial resources and constraints for educational administrators. At a tender age of 16, he socially built up for providing the democratic educational system. Age 16 is too mature for the boy because he laid the foundation in 13 by resolving the change of status quo. Apparently, he never looked back to and eventually launched a campaign of Nonprofit organization called We Aim High. He received a lot of support from UNICEF and other agencies. The social change, human rights and educational changes were the main objectives of the campaign, all the age of 14. The brief introduction to the great man and more to learn about the never-ending success of him.

After the start-up of Dexterity Global, which is a social enterprise or a platform for students to access the right education and obtain scholastic benefits for a good future. Enlighting the true streams into people, he shared the credit with his team and said, I cannot do it all alone without my associates. Meanwhile, he was successfully able to engage 1 million students across the world. His vision behind a social change is simplicity and help. Describing dexterity global, it is not only a social enterprise but a platform to everyone who wish to bring the change in society. All the change makers and leaders are welcomed to supervise for the good.
Dexterity Global has three platforms: DexChallenge, DexGlobal, DexSchool.  He achieved success and won hearts by putting true efforts and became successful entrepreneur. Talking about Sharad’s achievements is going to take a while. Not only bringing the trophy’s but winning hearts of people who got benefits due to the innovative change. He says, I myself can’t go and plant a million trees but can tell others to plant few each. I joined hands and led to the revolutionary change. The aim of empowering lives brought him among the top 100 innovators for next century by Rockefeller Foundation. He also got shortlisted among the “50 Heroes of Bihar” by Hindustan Times, leading newspaper of India.  His work has also awarded a four-year scholarship to Tufts University in Boston, Massachusetts in the USA. Sharad Sagar is not only the social innovator, but he is a hero to millions of students across the world, and proof that hard work and true character will surely put impact for the better. A determiner for doing well in every condition, he has a simple fundamental to good anyway. Whether you’re good is taken as bad, still do good. Every step you take should be for good, no matter someone is waiting to destroy. Just keep doing for a social cause.


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