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Snapdeal loses its CPO, and InMobi CFO joins Practo

Employee Changing Company

The fishy things have been going in the big online corporations for few weeks. The Flipkart is delaying placements while Help chat is terminating some of its trusted employees. Besides, InMobi is losing an important part of its management team. Well, may 2016 have been the tough month for big startups. However, all these experts haven’t stopped as they started working with the smaller startups.

Here are some of the experts who have left their high-profile positions:

InMobi CFO Manish Dugar leaves and joins Practo

According to the sources, Practo – healthcare startup has designated Manish Dugar as its CFO. Manish was working in the InMobi since June 2013. In March 2016, Practo was observed attempting into the Brazilian turf while setting foot in Brazil and Sao Paulo. Practo is already settled in Indonesia, Singapore, and the Philippines.

Anand Chandrasekaran quits Snapdeal to peruse his startup

Anand Chandrasekaran – the Chief Product Officer of Snapdeal, has left the job to pursue his own startup. Joined in June 2015, previously Anand was serving for Bharti Airtel and had also worked as senior director for Yahoo in the Silicon Valley. He has also co-founded a mobile applications software company – Aeroprise that was acquired by BMC Software in 2011.

InMobi’s Director of Operations – Samuel John joins GreedyGame

Working as the Director of Operations for InMobi’s since October 2015, Samuel John quit the job to join another startup, GreedyGame. According to the CEO of GreedyGame, Samuel has really helped the GreedyGame to scale up in diverse geographies.

Moreover, Flipkart also lost its strong pillar – Chief Product Officer Punit Soni in April 2016. The co-founder of Holidify – Rohit Shroff has joined GirnarSoft. The former director of Twitter – Gupta has joined Stayzilla as a Chief Product Officer. And, the Director of KPMG – Dilip Tuli has joined Housing.com.


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