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Sheela Sharma- a Great artist who paints with her toes & mouth


She has lost her arms and toes of her right foot in a train accident at the age of 4, but she didn’t give up. Without losing hope, she trained herself to write and paint while using toes of her left leg. We are talking about 48 years old – Sheela Sharma who have become a role model of several human beings. Today, this great artist create elegant artworks with the help of her toes and mouth. Some of her amazing works have been introduced in a group exhibition by artisans with disabilities.

“I love to draw the amazing creations based on women or nature. The whole process is quite difficult, but I do everything from mixing the colors to cleaning the brushes and moving canvasses. However, my father never understood art and always wanted me to do a ‘safe’ job, but I chose this to do for the rest of my life.”- Sheela reveals.
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Life challenged her in several ways after losing her arms in the accident. Moreover, she had to meet a lot of criticism when she was trying to chase her passion. Some people found her way of art weird and even advised her that she could not paint the way she did.

“This is my humble request to all the people that rather than discouraging a person who already has a lost something, they should give a contribution by motivating the person.” – says Sheela.
Sheela Sharma has successfully exhibited her works in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and Lucknow. “I don’t want to get sympathy or anything else; I just want to be a successful artist who known for her work” – she added.

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