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RSRTC Bus Schedule Android APP Startup

RSRTC Bus Schedule

As we know, the mobile revolution is on its growing stage so they need to take the advantage of it by building applications that cut the ordinary work style like making a long queue on the railway platforms, bus stops and etc. But they took it as their first step by reducing these queues on bus stops. So, geek developed this android app “RSRTC Bus Schedule” with a very basic concept but helping a lot to our thousands of users by providing a way where they can view buses for their next journey.

They have also built an android app “Status & Quotes for All” that provide a lots of statuses and quotes under 12 different categories, helping the users to find best status or quote for their any quotation.

What RSRTC Bus Schedule Do?

Now they help their users to get rid of the old queue system where users make a long queue sometimes for booking tickets or sometimes for just to know the next bus for their journey. So, they build this app “RSRTC Bus Schedule” that helps our users to view next buses for their journey, fare details, seat availability, route details, seat map, even they can rate their favourite bus and share their experience about the bus as well. Rating or reviews help other users to get the right bus for their journey, too.

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Second, helping users to see details of any city or place, they are visiting or they are planning to visit in the future. Here, they can also rate a particular city or place and share their experience like city cleanliness, food, safety in the city or place, staff behaviour, locality of the place and etc. This also help other users to plan accordingly and they can also share their experience. Also provide a way to get in touch with your city bus operator by providing their contact details under Helpline section in our app.

Future Plan

In the near future will integrate and launch a lot of different sections into our primary product like selective news section where users can read top running news, tour package section where users can better view their tour packages, tour diary where users can manage their tour schedule and share with their family, friends, colleagues or with rest of the world, transportation section where they can find any public transportation info on one click.

Product marketplace where users can pick a top selected products of their interests and lot more stuffs coming soon.


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