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handi services

Clocking Rs 1 Cr in Revenue, “HandyServices.In” has achieved sustainable growth in the online...

What is Handy Services All About? Handy Services is a fast growing company which provides best in-class handyman services at your doorstep, with an expert...
wholesale business in India

AMAZON invests Rs 341 Crore in wholesale business in India.

 AMAZON, the world's largest Internet company by revenue and market capitalization has invested Rs 341 crore in Amazon Wholesale India , the Whole Sale...

How to Rock a Networking Event in your Coworking Space

Picture this: You just walked into a professional networking event at a co-working space in Mumbai and . . . you have absolutely no...
The interesting business mode of Reliance Jio Explored

The interesting business model of Reliance Jio Explored.

Reliance Jio, the sudden surge in network market has attracted many customers not only because of its cheap prices and freebies but also based...

Incuspaze Coworking – Bringing Together The Startup Ecosystem

The journey of a startup can be quite challenging yet lonely, especially when an entrepreneur is bootstrapping everything all by himself. It is an...
Content Marketing

Craft Arty Write-ups in Content Marketing – know what it really means to write

Writing – Don’t give up before trying your hardest Killing time and wondering why you cannot write perfectly is something too many of us do...
Hiring Intern in Startup

Hiring an Intern in Startup Ecosystem!

Hiring an intern is a great way to get a source of expertise into the early stages of your start-up when you don’t have...
Job Change

Blueshift hires ex-Walmart Labs and Groupon executives, POKKT has a new Associate Vice...

So, it is a last week of June, and the exciting world of great startups is as always buzzing with unbelievable activities. The last...
Indian People Investment

Why Indians are investing in equities and other financial instruments?

The time was when Indian investors used to spend their money in physical assets like real estate and gold. Today, investors love investing the...
zaheer Abbas

Facebook Group Udaipurwale Turned out a local OLX, Quikr, QUORA

A small interview with Zaheer Abbas, person who connect small town Udaipur people on a single platform using facebook. 1. Give some brief introduction about yourself My...




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