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Puglii Say:Never miss a coupon code, ever again


Conceptualization of Puglii (the crazy shopper) began about 6 months ago when the sheer frustration of finding a working coupon reached a threshold, and we knew that something just had to be done! Even today, there are sites such as Coupondunia, CashKaro, kouponplus that force you to register, make you click on deal buttons that essentially are click baits that open countless tabs, and finally offer coupon codes which eventually do not work. The entire exercise is a farce leading to frustration and time wastage.
Our research showed that there are a plethora of websites that provide the exact same coupon trap of unending tabs and not working coupons. Not a single site tried to alleviate the pain of coupon hunting or helping consumers find a working coupon. After talking to thousands of online shoppers and hundreds of e-commerce portals, we realized that the current coupon/cashback model is ripe for an overhaul.
Enter Puglii.

Crazy shopper coupon engine works by finding

  1. Working coupons
  2. Within 1.5 mins
  3. At checkout

We remove consumers’ pain point of

  1. Finding &
  2. Applying relevant coupons manually
  3. With unnecessary clickbaits that clog a browser

Puglii not only eliminates the hassle associated with finding valid and working coupon codes, but also is non-intrusive and requires just one single click. Puglii does not alter the shopping experience in any way. She auto-magically appears at the checkout page, tries several coupon codes in less than a minute and even applies the best code. It is simple, safe (Google and Firefox verified), and extremely efficient!
At present, Puglii is just a noble initiative that does not make any money and its only goal is to help users save time and money when they shop online for things that they love. In the future, Puglii aims to incorporate additional features that provide cashback to users. With one click, users will be able to redeem cashback in addition to receiving working coupons.
The coupon industry roughly accounts for about 13.5% (about $ 2.2 billion) of the total e-commerce audience in India. It is estimated that 95% of online buyers search for deals online and 75% of online buyers search for coupons via couponing portals. With 7.6 million unique users per month, the couponing growth rate in India stands at a whopping 63%. These numbers are only expected to grow as the number of online shoppers steadily increases in the coming years. So start coupon website development now. Given this demand, Puglii has immense scope and potential to scale up and gain traction within the industry.
Puglii officially launched in August 2016 and since then, with a minimal marketing budget, we have about 130K fans that use us whenever they shop online. We have garnered 5-star reviews on the Google Chrome store. Puglii is in the business of making consumers happy by saving them time and money. We have put in tons of hard-work and ingenuity to build on our consumer-friendly concept and sincerely hope that users will find great value in our service.


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