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Nick Johnson: Pokemon Go master has got a free trip to complete his Pokemon collection

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Last week, Pokemaster Nick Johnson publicly declared himself as the 1st Pokemon Go player to get all of the 142 monsters available in the United States. But, there are 151 total monsters available on Pokemon Go of which six are present in other countries. That’s why Johnson was looking for an organization who can sponsor him to complete his journey in international regions thus he can catch those three remaining monsters. And, finally he got the sponsorship; Marriott Rewards and Expedia would sponsor his free trip.

Firstly, Nick Johnson and his girlfriend will go to Paris on Friday with the flighs sponsored by Expedia in order to catch Europe’s monster Mr. Mime. Next day, they will take a flight to Hong Kong and look for Farfetch’d another Pokemon. A day later, they will off to Sydney for two days to find out Australia’s Kangaskhan. When this Pokemon collection is completed, the couple will off to Tokyo for spending some quality time.

“I will be relying on the local Pokemon Go player community of each city’s that will point him to each missing monster. Besides, I will not be using popular mapping tools like PokeVision while hunting for new Pokemon,” Johnson says.

Marriott Rewards will be covering the hotels in each city for Johnson, and he would be staying in style. At each stop, Johnson will write a post for Expedia’s Viewfinder blog and as well as attend media interviews. He will also share updates on Twitter and Snapchat.


With Pokemon Go, Nick Johnson has actually become a celebrity as he has been doing TV and newspaper interviews. An Uber driver insisted Johnson for taking a selfie with him so he could show this to his child. Funny but true!


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