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Motivational Life Lessons from Pokemon Go !


To be in the trending news in the digital era, especially on social media giants like facebook & twitter with the brand hashtag is one of the biggest dreams for an individual or the company. It took over 20 Years of hard work and determination to be in the limelight and the shares going exponentially high with huge profits for the company.

It was about a decade ago, when we had a crazy and we omitted all the other things at 5 PM just to watch the only show POKEMON but it didn’t last much. Maybe because we grown up and got busy in our lives or maybe, because there was nothing new left in the show. Suddenly, after a decade , It came again in the news highlights and broke several records proving the quote “Work hard in Silent & Let the Success Make the Noise” . It was the time for #PokemonGo all over the internet.

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Although there was no official release of the game in India but the passion for Pokemon among the youth prevailed and it led to millions of download within a span of few hours. Following the trend, I too downloaded the game and started playing in a hope to bring back the childhood memories with the same creatures in the different form. It’s now almost more than 2 weeks, I am playing the game and travelled for more than kilometers hunting for Pokemon. But yesterday, while working in the office when I thought & calculated the time I invested in playing the game,The first thought say “ You wasted most of your time, playing just a mobile game”. But to the second thought, my mind was convinced that I didn’t waste my time on Pokemon Go.

Instead Invested it and learned few simple things about the life.

Keep moving : It’s not about a destination, its all about the journey

Consider an opportunity as a Pokemon, No matter how long you travelled, no matter what are your next plans,no matter how many Pokemon’s you have collected , You will be able to catch the next Pokemon only at the right time at the right place. If a Pokemon was caught at a place yesterday, there is no assurance that you will be able to catch the next Pokemon at the same place again. Keep moving, even after your victory while keeping an eye on previous spots.

Expect the Unexpected & Unexpect the Expected

You never know , when Pokemon(s) ( Opportunities in this case ) comes to you and your Pokeball gets eager to catch ’em all. Be prepared for everything comes in your way, weather expected or unexpected. don’t let your expectations breakdown your focus. If you are travelling with expectations, it could de-moralize your willpower. Let your desire for seeking opportunity be greater than the desire of success.

Everyone has weakness, prepare for it accordingly

No one knows your weaknesses more than self until you tell others. If you know your pain points, cover it up with the proper solution rather making the excuses and the regret.

Have a Sportsman Spirit , Competitors aren’t cruel always

No doubt how tough the competition and competitors may be, but If you have the plentiful resources and determination, you will overcome them and be in the top of the list. Don’t miss a chance to learn from your competitors.

Try to Innovate or Renovate

The main concept and the idea behind the game are same as the decade ago but what made it an overnight success is its innovation and renovation according to the present technology. From TV show to Playing Cards, From Toys to Online Games and now the sensational Mobile App Game, every attempt of the company proved to be a step in the ladder of its success. If in your daily work, nothing is changed, then you have to change.

To sum it up, Try something new, if you can’t innovate, at least renovate and give something interesting in your every endeavour.


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