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Medzin: Delivering Wellness To Your Doorstep. Click Away!

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Medzin, a mobile – only healthcare service aggregator Platform, announced that it is looking to raise Pre – Series A Round for Marketing and Expanding Operations. The startup aims to connect patients to nearby healthcare facilities providing them with Ease of Placing an Order / Booking an Appointment and Convenience of Doorstep Delivery.

Making Healthcare Easy, Affordable and Accessible.

The Story So Far

Medzin was founded in November 2015 by a group of passionate and enthusiastic individuals – Vishnu Shankar (Lingayas University), Madhav Shankar (Mahatma Gandhi University), Suyash Mohan (Maharshi Dayanand University), Raghav Sarda (University of Nottingham). Four individuals from different backgrounds identified with the problems faced while purchasing healthcare (Availability, Affordability and Awareness) and have set out to solve the same.

Are you Fed – Up of Expensive Medical Bills having tossed your finances and you realized how expensive healthcare is? Struggled to find a test lab around your vicinity? Finding the right specialist doctors that you can trust? Can you name the closest pharmacy to your home that keeps all your daily use products anytime of the day?

As the world evolves and technology improves, we still find it difficult to get access to healthcare. From the home doctor (your mom), to the family relatives & winds up with the family doctors. But the question is, is that enough

“60 percent of the most common health issues like fever, gastro problems etc. that people face can be managed online.Biggest issue in the medical sector is availability of resources; we are here to solve this. The patient doesn’t need to travel to search his medicines. We want to bridge the gap between patients and their healthcare through this platform so that people can get help on demand, even in remote areas of the country. ” founder Suyash adds.

Technology Is The Way Forward. Imagine a app (service) that lets you access your nearby medical shop close to your location, and allows you to order Prescription and OTC Drugs and delivered at your doorstep with savings (stop the bargaining), enables you to view specialist around you and book an appointment, helps you locate pathology labs and get test done from the comfort of home? One single Healthcare Platform On-The-Go? Sounds impressive? That’s exactly what Medzin is about.

Medzin aims to add value to the healthcare landscape by providing easy access to world-class healthcare in just a few clicks.

“We live in a world that is adopting technology at a fast rate. Millions of smartphone user and increasing number of users in the remote areas are a proof of the same. Mobile phones are the main source of exchanging information and communicating across the country. Because of Platforms like Facebook and Whats-app, even non – users and have become active users. Our goal is to Make Healthcare Easy, Accessible and Affordable across age groups” founder Vishnu adds.

Industry Overview

The Healthcare Market in India is increasing at a fast rate and estimated to be worth around $280 billion by 2020. With increasing penetration of smartphone users, organised on – demand healthcare is the future. Talking about the market potential, Raghav Sarda (CFO) of Medzin said;

Discover Healthcare Nearby and Get Easy & Affordable Access to Good Health.


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