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It’s Time to Automate your HR operations with the modern HR Software

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Based in Hyderabad, Keka is an employee experience platform. It is a modern HR and Payroll software designed for small and medium businesses in India.Keka Technologies aims to automate tedious HR tasks and alleviate the need to perform them manually. HR software is integrated with features like Attendance management system, leave management system, and Timesheet management along with the payroll software.

These payroll management tools will benefit small and medium-sized businesses in India. All monthly payroll operations can be processed from a single screen enabling even people with minimal knowledge of payroll and compliance to manage them.

Keka’s payroll software is statutory compliant and helps you to pay your workforce accurately. It handles all the statutory requirements such as PF, TDS, and ESI for organizations as they process payroll every month. Keka gives you pre-optimized salary structures which you can customize the way you want. Keka provides complete benefits that come as a part of payroll software.

Keka’s Leave management is very extensive with more than 100 configurable options. It has a very smooth leave approval process where managers or admins receive leave requests and can approve or disapprove them right within the email or by mobile.

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Attendance management system can integrate with more than 120 plus devices such as biometric, smart card, and facial recognition devices in real time. It takes away all the pain which is associated with manually uploads. The attendance management software also provides the rich analytics and can integrate with the payroll software so that admin users can configure policies and deduct a leave on missing attendance.
Timesheet software allows to track time spent on internal and external projects. It will automatically identify the tasks and work week of an employee based on his/her shift allocation.

“The future of HR is machine driven and Keka wants to be the torch bearer for such future. Most of the traditional HR softwares which are present in the market are clunky and outdated. People challenges and HR problems are evolving year after year, therefore we need a software which evolves with HR.” Said Vijay Yalamanchili, the founder of Keka.

He also added, “Many of these software’s have barely any humanness to them, this is where we want to bring in the change. We want to put employee at the core and emerge as an employee-centric software. We want keka to be employee experience and employee engagement platform.”


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