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Top 20 most Innovative startups of 2016

Top 20 most Innovative startups of 2016

The year 2016 has been very successful for Indian startups and entrepreneurs. The success stories and news about the small business have been trending all over internet all year all. Therefore, it is very interesting to learn about these founders and their business ideas. Following is a list of 20 most innovative startups of 2016.

1. Let’s Barter India: Based on the traditional barter system, this new start up wants to take us back in time and promote trade through this.

2. Wow! Momo: The love for momos is recognized by this start-up and they want to take it to another level.

3. Inspirock: This startup aims to solve your travel problems by giving you a day-to-day personalized itinerary when you travel.

4. Detox Kitchen: This is a London-based start-up which rose to great heights within a very short time.

5. InVenture: This is a US-based start-up aiming to provide financial identity to the people and improve their credit score which is very important to buy property or carry out other financial activities there.

6. Hooked: is another very innovative start-up that comes with a motive to bring stories easily to the mobile phones. It can be a challenge to YouTube.

7. Faircent: It is a startup that connects borrowers and lenders with each other to get a fair deal.

8. EduKart: This startup caters to all the students through their entire education life and career.

9. Chaayos: A start up that innovates with different types of tea which is the most loved thing by all Indians.

10. CashKaro: This startup caters to the new demands of online shopping by giving cash backs and coupons when you shop online

11. Inshorts: This startup brings you top stories of the day in 60 words from various niches from fashion, business, politics and much more

12. SilverPush: This innovative startup helps brands to connect with it customers to provide a better user-experience

13. UrbanClap: The Urban Clap start up is something that everyone wishes for. They get you all the services to your home in the matter of a clap

14. TrulyMadly: This is a perfect matchmaking app that uses highly secured algorithm and profiles to match people so you can find cool people to hang out with.

15. Indifi Technologies: This startup incorporates their business metrics in their credit profile and provide credit services to small businesses

16. Doormint: This is an online home based indoor utility service that is great for making its consumers happy.

17. Consure Medical: This aims to provide new critical care devices to the global citizens that comprises of 80% of the population.

18. Zenatix Solution: This startup provides with an energy analytics product that helps big businesses and buildings save at least 10% of their energy

19. Belong: This startup scans the entire social media to find the perfect candidate for your job

20. Maple: This new start up hope to change the face of the restaurant delivery system by opening delivery only kitchens.

The above-mentioned startups are some of the most innovative ones in the field and they are definitely a game-changer in their respective fields. It involves great research to implement these plans. The product and app reviews show the success of these new startups.


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