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Infurnia Furniture Startup By IIT Bombay and IIT Kharagpur Alumni.

Infurnia Team

Infurnia is a furniture technology startup, started by IIT Bombay and IIT Kharagpur alumni. Company was started in Mumbai, with its registered office there itself. But shifted to Bangalore in January, and currently Bangalore serves as Headquarters.

They develop innovative technologies for furniture sellers which help them showcase their customizable furniture offerings with best real-time 3D visualization. This technology allows users to construct a virtual room with appropriate dimensions of the original room, including doors and windows, with the help of few clicks in less than ten seconds. Their customization technology allows users to change the dimensions, textures, hardware’s, etc of a furniture in real time. Internal features like shelves, partitions, drawers, baskets, etc can be interactively fine tuned as per customer’s requirement. It helps in cutting down cost to a great extent and also removes the hassle of visiting various design consultant.

Infurnia is focusing in becoming the most cutting edge furniture tech company in the world. Their customization technology is one of its kind, by allowing customers to make real time changes to 3D models of their furniture in a very interactive and visually appealing way.

Now Typical Kitchen Software Customization for customer is not a Problem:

  • Automation tech behind the scenes enables customers to accomplish what they want in the minimum number of steps possible, ex. If they want to change the width of one particular base compartment, their tech automatically arranges everything else in the kitchen including wall units.
  • Much better live quality rendering which allows sellers to use it front of their clients, and not just limit it to a backend designer tool.
  • Being a cloud based(& offline compatible) software, it’s very easy to deploy, new features are added every week without any need for manual update from the client side.
  • Multiple designers at the same firm do not need to get separate licenses of the software as they charge on usage per client irrespective of how many people at the client site are using it. This makes it a much better solution for sellers who have multiple designers employed.

Visualization technology is one which has not been used anywhere in the furniture market till now. A seller just has to take a few photographs of the customer’s room and extract information about the size, shape of the room as well as any doors, windows therein. This is then used to econstruct a digital replica of the room. The whole process is fully guided and takes less than a minute.

This digital replica of a customer’s room is then used as the basis of furniture and interior design. The company was started in September 2014, with the incorporation taking place in December 2014.

Infurnia raised funding from Idein Ventures, a UAE based VC in January 2016. Ashwin Srivastava, a serial entrepreneur based in Mumbai and now a director in Idein, joined the board as part of the funding activity. They are live with B2B service in Bangalore. Now, partnered with select few established players like Kuvio Studio, NuShutter, Magnon India. Time has come up to expand into major markets like Mumbai, Hyderabad, Delhi in the coming 2 months.


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