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The Infinite Mobility- Women Entrepreneurship Digital Marketing

Infinite Mobility Marketing Solution

Two women entrepreneurs, who happened to be Mother and daughter in real life and who learned the computer and the technology from the sketch. Enthusiastically learn about the digital advertising and form a team of people.

Company’s one of the founder is retired govt. primary school principal from small town (Haldwani) located in Northern India (Uttarakhand, India), who learned the computer &  technology from the sketch when she get spare time after her retirement.

How the Idea came in Mind to Start Infinite Mobility:

Being very much enthusiastic in learning new things, she came up with this idea, which readily supported by her Daughter Dr. Shashi Pandey, who is also associated with teaching occupation.

The Founder, Mrs. Rama Pandey is very passionate about teaching, after her retirement (as govt. primary school principal from small town of Uttarakhand, India).   She usually visits The United States to her son, for her vacations.

During one of Rama’s vacations in The United States, while surfing on internet, watching online videos and checking her regular emails.

She noticed some random messages, videos, pop-ups and some software flashes, every now and then on her computer screen and smart phone.

That drew her attention and this motivated her to research more on this.

She managed to dig more about the business and this is how she came to know about Digital Marketing and advertising.

Being tech enthusiastic and being meticulous in mathematics & economics, now she wanted to know monetary things hidden behind this.

While in The United States, had a word with her daughter Dr. Shashi Pandey and finally both landed up in partnership in business of digital advertising & software development.

Even after initiating Infinite Mobility, they were in constant hunt for new ideas and today are proud to have India’s first and only digital marketing social network, Infinite Connect (i-Connect)

Now at this point of time, Infinite Mobility is all set to start up something very unique in health and education domain.

They are hiring and training mainly women some time retired people. Try to train them and utilized them as per company’s culture.

We both believe there’s an engineer hidden in every person. -Infinite Mobility Founder

There’s team of 18+ members and the number is still growing.
We must say they are bit picky in choosing the team. Focus on the person who is naturally fits in our organization’s culture.

Digital Advertisement Agency

Infinite Mobility is a global digital advertising network which specializes and focuses on the online media advertising. It is dedicated to complete value chain optimization and maximization of ROI for advertisers. The company has expanded into new industries, all related to the marketing and sales of services for internet-based products. Infinite Mobility performance is recognized as innovative, creative and setting new standards. Management philosophy encourages employee initiative and compensates staff with promotional incentives for outstanding management on projects.

They claim to offer the most comprehensive multi-platform, cross-channel advertising solution. No other ad network has this many channels and platforms under one roof. All of their advertising products runs along with algorithms and advanced targeting technology to ensure that every single ad engages the user.
They leverage industry-specific knowledge to create fully tailored advertising solutions by incorporating market insights. Based on our knowledge of ad serving and analytics platforms.


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