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HUNGRYROOT.COM… now say yes to vegetables!!

Hungry-Root Industries Story

America is a big country with an abundance of farmlands, cattle and a large diversity of food. But with the growing culture of fast food habits, the Americans are considered to be the consumers of most less nutritive food.

With a rich experience of 40 years in the culinary, e-commerce & operational sector, the 3 dedicated entrepreneurs BEN, GREG & FRANKLIN have come up with the idea of re-introducing the healthy veggies in an American’s plate & glorify the value of veggies in their life. They found that only 6% of Americans consumed the recommended amount of vegetables in their diet, hence they found a tastier and healthier way. The food ordered from the hungry root has a base ingredient as tasty vegetable noodles, with the major consistency of beets, zucchinis, sweet potatoes, and more.

The dish served with tasty protein sauces that actually make you forget that your body has gained the nutrition of so many organic vegetables. The gluten free meals are delivered to your door, completely farm fresh & you just have to saute & stir the meal, and your are ready to explore the best taste of vegetables after the preparation time of seven minutes. The company has also choose the best packaging- “NATUREFRESH” , to preserve the healthy flavors of the food & its nutrient contents for the next 10 days and increase profit in catering business.


Healthier ideology by the three foodie brains :

Youngest of the three, & the founder & CEO of hungry root, Ben Mckean has a flourished experience from the companies like Groupon. In 2009, he founded “Savored” which was the leading provider of yield management technology in the nation. He is a Georgetown University graduate & presently working on the aesthetic growth of his new company hungryroot.com.

The taste tank of the hungry root is its innovative chef, Franklin Becker, who was born & brought up in New York. He is a leading cook books writer & pen down so many best sellers. Franklin popularly remembered from the shows like “BRAVO’s Top Chef Masters”, has been a celebrity chef who has been appreciated with numerous awards like “Rising Star by Star chefs” & winner of Burger Bash in 2011.

Gregory Struck, popularly known as Greg by the friends, born on May 1981 in South Africa & bred in South Florida. He is been living in New York since 2004, & have an intense knowledge about the food manufacturing & restaurant business over 10 years. The Co founder& COO of hungryroot.com is a leading player in the hospitality industry with the ownership of brands like “Long Island Tea Brands” ,The Monarch Room &Gilded Lily.


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