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Gender Discrimination Quit India: The Great Message given in the Short Film

because i am a girl India

In a Land of Laxmi, Durga & Saraswati where these and many more Goddesses are worshipped for wellbeing prosperity & knowledge why are their living counter parts subjected to discrimination at every step of their journey of life. Why does she need approval in everything she does, from trivial things like what to wear for a party to major decisions like taking up a high profile job?

She is admonished for her choice of friends and snubbed for indulging in food and drinks of her liking. Why can’t she lead her life as she pleases? Gender Discrimination Quit India is a thought provoking effort made by writer, director & producer of the film Gaurav Mali and his team of hard working energetic youngsters.

The writer seems to get into the psyche of a woman to showcase the frustrations at being thwarted at every step by her so called male well-wishers. Till she reaches the point where she forced to take her decisions after all her life and she has every right to live it the way she chooses to. The director amidst all the puns and jibes conveys the message that the mindset n the outlook of the males need to alter.

The perception of the society that women are a weaker sex needs to be changed. Physically she might be not at par with her male counterparts but intellectually she is equal an emotionally stronger. In short instead of shielding her from the evils of society it’s far more imperative to change the parameters by which she is viewed. They have proved their mettle in every phase of life be it as a CEO of top notch international companies to sports to politics to entertainment; they have made their presence felt and left their imprints in every walk of life.

With this short movie, Gaurav Mali tried to give the great message in the simplest and funniest way. Watch out the movie and share your feedback. Moreover, like, comment, share, and subscribe: “The Empty Bucket


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