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Female Entrepreneurs that have proved they are the Best

Female Entrepreneurs

2015-16 financial year has unquestionably been the exciting year for female entrepreneurs. According to one survey, women entrepreneurs are beginning an average of 1,200 businesses a day. Today, the growth of female-owned startups proceeds to lead growth in the top industries. Women are ruling the crowdfunding space, frequently moving to every field.

As we entered into 2016, today we have no shortage of smart, brilliant and young female entrepreneurs to learn from.

Women who have proved they are the best:

Angelia Trinidad (Founder, CEO and designer at Passion Planner)

In 2013, Angelia Trindad has designed Passion Planner that is a portable life coach, organizer. It works as a daily dose of inspiration. She shipped more than 2,000 Passion Planners in 20 days.

Amber Venz Box (President and co-founder of LikeToKnow.It and rewardStyle

Amber collected more than $150 million in retail sales with her first startup, “rewardStyle”. The latest startup of Amber Venz Box, “LikeToKnow.It” made Instagram shoppable with more than five thousand sign up in a week.

Bridget Hilton, (Founder of LSTN Headphones)

Most people have the ability to listen to their favorite songs. But, what about the millions of people having hearing loss? Keeping those people in mind, Bridget Hilton created LSTN Headphones. The startup has already helped 19,000 people in the U.S., Peru, Uganda, Kenya, China and Sri Lanka.



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