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Facebook Group Udaipurwale Turned out a local OLX, Quikr, QUORA

zaheer Abbas

A small interview with Zaheer Abbas, person who connect small town Udaipur people on a single platform using facebook.

1. Give some brief introduction about yourself

My name is Zaheer Abbas, I am 35 years old and professionally involved in blogging, online journalism, social media strategies and social media marketing from nearly a decade. I am also the founder of hyperlocal news site UdaipurTimes.com which was started in 2010 and till 2015 it was one of the top local new source and online English news site.

My career begins with OrkutHeroes one of my blogs where I used to review Orkut communities in 2007, before that I used to own a couple of online forums and blogs as part of my internet passion. Online communities and evolving of social network always allure me.

2. How Udaipurwale group idea came into your mind?

On 25th May 2015, I started the group Udaipurwale which was initially named Ask.Find.Udaipur which was meant to be a hyperlocal “community help” group which solves everyday problems of local residents of Udaipur. Where they can ask and find anything, place or people to fill their professional needs, suggestions and reviews of local businesses.

Local Business Udaipur

The idea came to my mind while searching a particular thing for my wife. I thought there should be a single platform where I ask and my friends get to know my need and they help me finding that particular thing.

3. Any specific reason to start Facebook group?

Facebook is popular, so I started it on Facebook

4. Is it is a profitable or non-profitable group?

In other way, I bet that it is one of most profitable groups where
people are finding almost everything on a daily basis. Business, social service, help, deals, free advertisements, etc. About my profit, no there is no direct profit to me but through this group, I got many business deals.

5. What is the team size to operate the group?

We are 6 moderators who are working voluntarily.

6. Some statistical Data

29,700+ members are in the group. The group was started in May 2015 and more than 800 people are banned.

7. Any incidence which you want to mention, which made you feel really happy/sad?

There are hundreds of happy incidences which made me proud of my group. From getting blood to the needy to finding lost wallet and some more memorable Udaipur rescue story.
Udaipurwale has become essential help and business center virtually. The group was also appreciated by Police Department and received appraisal by Superintendent of Police recently.

The group marked its first anniversary recently which was held in a grand level with many online competitions held in the group, blood test camp and honoring selected members were also done through sponsorship provided by members themselves.

8. If you would like to share anything else

UDAIPUR Digital Group

Over the time, Udaipurwale turned out a local OLX, QUORA, Message Board and Community Liaisoning Group. It helped in developing small scale business and startups as it directly connects you from thousands of locals at one place. We are now looking for better, safe and self-sustained platform to make it to the next level.



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