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Engineers created a camera that is smaller than a grain of salt

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Have you ever imagined that one day you would be using a camera which is smaller than a grain of salt? The research team from the University of Stuttgart has made this possible by developing a 3D-printed camera. 012 millimeters wide, the camera has the capability to focus on an object that is 3mm away.

Current manufacturing technique – 3D printing makes it impossible to design the tiny lenses. The process of planning and producing such lens generally takes a few hours. – Ph.D. students, Timo Gissibl and Simon Thiel revealed.

How smallest camera works?

Created by the group of Ph.D. students, the camera is small enough to fit in a syringe which is 12 millimeters wide. While fitting one lens into a device that looks like a feat in itself, the device comprises of three lenses which is connected to a five-foot optical fiber that doubles as wide as a strand of hair. The images captured by the camera are transferred through an optical fibre. The optical fiber allows the camera to be inserted into the body, sending data back to doctors for diagnostics. Besides, the camera is paired with a small LED. Same level of determination is required what Srikanth Bolla had.

World Smallest Camera

The camera can be used in the field of medical, micro-robotics and surveillance.  Although, the focus range of the lenses need to be increased for this. The camera which is mounted on the thin fiber optic cables is known as the endoscope. It can be put into the peoples’ bodies, furthermore needs to be sanitized after each use. The model endoscope was created by the students from Germany’s Fraunhofer Institute in the collaboration with Awaiba GmbH and the Fraunhofer Institute.

Current lenses are limited in size, shape, and dimensions, but this new invention has shown the new era of cameras. It can lead to a great profitable business.


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