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Driving The Job Growth | eMAESTER | Online Training Career

As acquiring and retaining talented human resource has become increasingly challenging, there are very fewer firms which are engaging themselves with the goal of acquiring talented people, but also training them to build their self-brand and establishing their own brand values. EMaester is one such brand.

A product of UFaber Edutech, a world of digital learning and self-paced online study, eMaester tends to bring out a change in the employment generation system and work from home business.

Co-Founded by Mr. Rohit Jain and Mr. Anirudh Swarnkar, the product eMaester believes in bringing out a change for people from all walks of life, to start their own online training career.

By, eMaester, we mean the professionals who transform English language skills of people around the world and for people to do so, we train them to be an eMaester. Instead of spending endless hours digging through the job junks, scams, and many work from home ads, for the “needles in the haystack” – the good jobs, one can easily delegate to eMaester.

eMaester not only lets you go through a training program, or an enrollment, it also teaches you modern teaching Strategies, thereby giving you a scope for improvement. Once the training in done, eMaester also gives you a guarantee to have students for the courses that you are specialized in. However, the world class training and experience opens up several other opportunities for you. So by that, we wish to bring a positive change in the employment sector for people from all walks of life.

What you think about, you bring about” – thoughts become things!! This is how the thought of eMaester started its own journey of reaching out to people.
The whole idea behind the training and learning is to regulate a change in so many lives around who wish to mentor and guide students, thereby developing themselves personally as a natural progression.

This business is built on a well-established support network of UFaber where we all work in a team to build our own brands. The great thing about this is that we all come from such varied backgrounds and expertise. We, at eMaester, wish to supply people with the simple yet complete training giving you a direction which will help you establish your goals. You will, however, need to supply the desire and willingness to learn, and have a real passion for wanting a huge change – personally and financially in your life!


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