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3 Best Ways to Increase Sales with AdWords Expanded Text Ads

3 Best Ways to Increase Sales with AdWords Expanded Text Ads

Expanded text ads have become a new trend of marketing, and marketers everywhere are taking advantage of this new buzz. If you’re still unaware what is ETAs, then you have landed at the right place. Expanded text ads provide 50% more ad text that you can utilize in order to reach the audience in your target market.

The best thing is that its format is created especially for the mobile users. According to recent research, “longer ad headlines are more valuable to mobile users as they provide additional details about your service or product before they click on your ad.” Now, AdWords will not allow you to create or edit the text ads without ETAs.

Here are some tips that will help you boost sales with AdWords Expanded Text Ads:

Build a superior call to action

With ETAs, You get a chance to add 30 characters in each of the two headlines while using ETAs. Moreover, you can add 80 characters in the description part. However, this offer more calls to action as you are getting extra characters for a CTA.

Generate scarcity

When you have a chance to add extra characters, it’s easy to apply Marketing 101 concepts that posed a difficulty with the old advertisement format. One of the best concepts is to generate scarcity. Being a marketer, you must have heard that, “users who sense that there’s a limited quantity of products are usually more likely to be attracted to purchase it. That’s why it is the best marketing tactic.


With ETAs, you can add the second headline in order to tell users how exciting your service or product is. One of the most practical strategies is to add your brand name in the first headline and use the second headline to include the things that consists the search term used by the most users.

ETAs provide a large number of opportunities to digital marketers. So what are you waiting for? Use ETA’s to improve the way of advertising with longer text.


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