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See, How 24-Year-Old Aileen Adalid Makes $70,000 a Month while Traveling the World

aileen adalid

Fed up with the hectic lifestyle, we always think of quitting the busy corporate life and going for a long journey. But, we hardly get a chance to explore the world and see how beautiful it is. With the same dream and will, a 24-years girl left her job and stepped out for never-ending travel. A young girl from the Philippines – Aileen Adalid was gathered by the hectic life of corporate. She started her career at the age of 19, but she wasn’t quite satisfied with her job. Aileen used to work at Deutsche Bank for $300 per month. At this time, Aileen realized that ‘Typical race of life wasn’t made for her’.

Meeting with new people made her realize that her dreams of exploring the world were possible. Along the way, she also found out that she was interested in graphic & web design, marketing. At the initial stage, Aileen started freelancing in web design, graphic design, SEO, and digital marketing. Luckily, she got a source from a client who paid her just double the amount of her past salary. Such compliance and independence made her the compatible backing for moving freely around the world. In the journey, she also got a chance to meet several travelers, backpackers, and startups in different cities.

In May 2014, Aileen started an online retail business with her friend. They started selling health and outdoor accessories online. Today, she earns more than $5000 (RS 335102) a month from her website and freelancing projects. Aileen shared on her famous blog that “Being a “digital traveler” is pretty exciting, and she’s thoroughly enjoying it”.


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