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About Industries Story

“The starting point of all achievement is desire.” – Napoleon Hill
IndustriesStory is a leading online platform that provides you inspiring stories of individuals, enterprises and products that have come up from the ground and become a successful precedent. Our main motive with Industriesstory is to provide you with the latest news of entrepreneurs and businesses.
“We always work hard to stay with our reputation, and whether we’re working for small start-ups or big organizations, we implement the same efforts of knowledge, skills, care, and attention with same quality” – Yogesh (the founder of Industriesstory) reveals.
Here, you will find everything from latest news to community events and from startups to great talents! In short, everything that an individual needs to be motivated. So, Go Ahead! Share your story with us and stay motivated!

About Founder
IndustriesStory was launched worldwide in October 2015 by Yogesh Menaria. Yogesh is an enthusiastic web developer who constantly stays up to date with the latest technologies. He is passionate about photography and web designing. Currently, Yogesh is working at HCL Technologies, as a front and back Developer (UX Designer).
Strives to find an innovative way to solve a problem he has been working on in the back of his head, Yogesh has five years experience in the industry and a background in web designing, sales, and marketing. Moreover, he is passionate about writing and photography. He is constantly trying to feed his passion for photography and content writing. Yogesh also got a 1st award in a professional photography competition in 2014.