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5 Successful People with Disabilities who are great enough to inspire any Entrepreneur

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Every successful businessman or personality has some kind of stories that can inspire you in the most effective way. All the powerful businessmen have faced some kind of hardships in their lives while walking on their success journey. But when someone with a disability comes up as a mega success by overcoming all the problems and barrios, this is an interesting thing to behold. It takes a lot of efforts and a positive attitude to survive with severe disabilities.

Today, we will talk about five successful people with disabilities who are great enough to inspire any entrepreneur:

Stephen Hawking

Physically challenged by motor neuron disease, Stephen Hawking is a famous name in academics and achiever of several appreciations. He is known as the most distinguished scientists in physics. With several books & publications, he got several achievements such as lifetime member of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences, Honorary Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, and Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Girish Sharma

Girish lost his right leg in a train accident when he was a kid. But, this incident could not stop him growing as a badminton champion. He has one leg which is very strong that he does not only play the game flawlessly but also covers the whole court. When he was a kid, he was involved in outdoor activities without worrying about his disabilities.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt

The great U.S. president who supported the nation in the best way during World War II when he was a wheelchair-user. After contracting polio, he became paralyzed from the waist down but he didn’t give up and proved disability wasn’t a barrier to being a great President.

Frida Kahlo

Suffered from polio at the age of six, Frida’s right leg remained thinner than the left. She is known as the great Mexican painter who has created several inspiring paintings. With major disabilities, she also faced deep pain but she never compromised on her work. Most of her paintings consist of different vibrant colors that were mostly inspired by the cultures of Mexico.

Helen Keller

Popular as a political activist, American author & lecturer, Helen Keller was the first blind and deaf person who got a college degree. Her journey was beautifully portrayed in several plays and films. She also wrote 12 successful books including her autobiography. She was a part of the Socialist Party in USA, and strived hard for labor & women’s rights.


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